Winter Is Coming, and We’re Okay with That.

written by Danny Rothschild.

Let me start out by saying what we’ve all been thinking for years: winter is the absolute best time of year. Yes, I know it’s not cool to admit it. It’s much easier to pretend like we hate it — the seemingly endless gray skies, the slushy streets of New York City, the frozen nostril hairs, and worst of all: the constant hum of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” that haunt you until the sweet release of December 26th — but deep down (deep, deep, deep down), winter is warm and fuzzy and our favorite time of year. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it, and it’s about time we admit it. I’ll go first: My name is Danny and I love winter.

The Countless Hot Drinks

Unarguably the best part about this time of year is the ability to never not be drinking something warm (let’s not forget about the bonus hand-warming qualities). Hot cocoa, hot toddy, chai latte, peppermint tea, chamomile, or good ol’ fashioned hot water with lemon and honey… So many hot drinks, so little time.


The Sweater

There’s no time more perfect to pull out your chunkiest knit. Be it a sweater, a cardigan, or your favorite scarf, chunky knits are like your best friend in so many ways. But unlike your best friend, they’ll never let you down and go behind your back after everything you did for her.


Wearing Boots & Sandiors Socks

We’ve conditioned ourselves to believe that flip flops are comfortable, but if we’re honest with each other, they’re not. You know what is comfortable? Thick socks and chunky boots that keep your toes warm from the cold and dry from the wet. And if you plan to spend all day indoors, not only is it appropriate to wear mismatched socks, it’s highly encouraged. The part of you that was considered a hot mess last month is exactly what makes you shine bright this holiday season. Just be sure to get some photographic evidence.



Stepping on Crunchy Leaves

By this time, all the leaves have not only fallen off the trees, but have had a few weeks to dry out and curl up for that satisfying crunch (and midday photo op).


The Fur

What was once a fashion faux-paw is now 100% acceptable… That is, if it’s alive, cute and chillin’ in your hoodie.

Eye Contact

No other seasons brings out the color of your eyes the way winter does. Blue, brown, green, gray, speckled, or that new type of black that absorbs light — this is the best time to stare deeply into each other’s eyes (and really get those pupils to pop!).

Reading Books

Nothing — I repeat nothing — is better on a snowy morning than curling up by a window with your favorite book. Bookmark your page with a leaf and you’re right on #brand.


So put on your chunky knit, get a mug of something warm, grab a good book, and let’s rejoice in all the wonder that is winter. Because no season lends itself better to loving yourself, your friends, family and the world around you. Let’s all hug each other a little bit tighter and keep each other warm this winter. And capture some great memories while we’re at it.

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